Building Blocks

Rome was not Built in a day, Nor  Is character. A person today is, An amalgamation of all his yesterdays  Put together. The undying love Showered on him  By his parents. The lessons of life  Learnt From his teachers. The silly fights  That he had  With his siblings. The buffoonery  Enjoyed   With friends. The movies  That … Continue reading Building Blocks


Making of a militant pacifist 

Sometimes the aftermath of dealing with 'difficult' people can be a complete hangover. You feel drained and exhausted. You have to slowly get up and pick up the pieces and put them back together to get life rolling again. The need to get rejuvenated is essential. I am sure we all have our own share … Continue reading Making of a militant pacifist 

13 Ways to Combat Depression

If you are depressed and you know it, read on to find out ways that can help you lift your own spirits. Travel Basically any vacation, whether long or short, near or far, adventurous or relaxed, works! The idea is to get away for a while for a refreshing change of scene. While on your … Continue reading 13 Ways to Combat Depression