A Ray of Hope

There are few sayings more humane than ‘Charity begins at home.’ Because charity is not just about giving alms for the needy. It can be a warm smile, a bear hug, a word of thanks, appreciation or praise. It can be a three course meal, a bottle of water, or even a recharge coupon. It can be a few moments of your invaluable time. It can be anything that is meaningful. Anything to show that you care… for your fellow human beings. 

With Ray of Hope, charity begins at UAE, our home away from home.
Ray of Hope is a charitable campaign that I am proud to be part of. Our first achievement was a shoe collection drive all over the U.A.E. Within a short span of 5 days, over 100 pairs of wearable shoes were collected and shipped to Syrian refugees in Lebanon. What worked in our favor was the connection between like-minded people. 
Looking forward to do more for the less fortunate. Cheers!