The thorns are there for a reason


Life as we know it

Is a roller coaster ride 

A series of ups ‘n downs 

Afflict all far and wide.

The ups keep us happy-

While we bask in its glory

We forget that things 

Won’t always be hunky dory.

Then strike the downs 

Quite out of the blue, they pounce

Making us low

Hitting us hard

Hurting us too

And we complain

Why oh why?

What did I do?

Blames are hurled 

Filled with spite 

Fate is cursed

Until we get this right – 

That, truly, it’s the downs 

that shape us into

Beautiful people 

Like those we look up to.

They make us humble 

Our feet firm on the ground,

They make us strong

Charging with courage abound.

They teach that perseverance

Is important for sustenance.

Hardships impart spirituality in some

Closer to God we may become.

Our soul is cleansed 

One problem at a time 

We strive to be better,

Kinder, nobly sublime.

So the next time we fret 

In the wake of our troubles, 

Let’s embrace them instead, 

For, according to fables – 

The thorns are there for a reason.


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