Kitchen6 – A culinary extravaganza 

During the past year, I have had the privilege to go places, mostly impromptu. While such trips may have its downsides, there’s a certain thrill to the whole thing. When you plan and go, the seemingly endless wait for the big day to arrive can drive you up the wall. In this case, you decide, apply for the visas, pack up and just go. How exciting!
We cruised to Japan via China in the winter of 2016 and visited Italy and Switzerland during spring 2017. Needless to say that we got to try quite a variety of authentic cuisines stretching from the east to the west, literally!
The general verdict was, however, that when it comes to food and restaurants, no country can beat Dubai! We Dubai people are simply spoilt for choices. Indian, Italian, American, English, Chinese, Japanese, South African, Thai, and of course, Arabic – you name it, we have it.
And if you want it all, well at least a lot of it, in one place, then Kitchen6 is the place you ought to go.

The fine dining restaurant is made up of 6 kitchens serving different types of food. So we have a counter each for Middle Eastern, Indian, Far Eastern, European, desserts, and drinks. Each kitchen has a live corner and is arranged in a transparent style. The taste and the ambience are to die for.

IMG_4239 (1)

The theme on the day we chose to go was a Mediterranean buffet. Apart from this, there are specific seafood nights and, something I have promised myself to be back soon for – Street food nights!
The rates (Dhms 195 per person/ half price for kids) are reasonable for the spread, taste, service, and ambience. And if you have entertainer vouchers like us, then think no more. Go ahead and divulge on the culinary extravaganza at this award-winning restaurant!

IMG_4240 (1)


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